Solid wood

It takes only one small gesture to understand our love of and enthusiasm for solid wood:

Simply run your hand over the surface of our furniture and you will feel the sensual, warm and unique character of this living material.

The natural aesthetic of the wood stimulates our senses, its incomparable tactile character touches our innermost being and after all these years still makes our hearts beat faster whenever a new piece of furniture is produced from the trunk of a tree.


Lateral thinking and creativity combined with inspiring partnerships are what characterize our company spirit. We find the basis for conscious and responsible actions in the openness to encounter things and to recognize and utilize scope for development—ultimately the key to any innovation.

The passionate commitment of each individual makes us grow.

We love what we do and adhere to our inner convictions every day.


We feel deeply connected to the forest as a valuable habitat. This renewable material provides us with one of the most attractive materials; no imitation can come close to its natural properties. Even long after it has been cut and processed, the wood provides a good indoor climate and healthy environment for many decades.

Anchored in traditional crafts, this organic natural product is one of the oldest materials to be processed by human hands, a cultural asset.

The uniqueness of its colour and grain make each piece of our furniture one of a kind.